Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction and Vision-based Interfaces

The sensing and understanding of human motion, commends, expressions, emotional states and even intents may lead to intelligent human computer interactions. Toward this goal, we have been working on vision-based gesture interfaces where the machine can perceive and interpret human commends through gestures. We have built several intelligent human-computer interaction systems that are able to accept visual inputs. Some are toys such as an interaction video game "paper-rock-scissors". But some are real applications, such as the Visual Panel system and the Perceptual PowerPoint (P3) system.

Related Projects:
[1] Capturing articulated hand/finger motion from video
[2] John Lin's real-time vision-based gesture interface
[3] "Paper-Rock-Scissors" --- an interactive video game
[4] "Visual Panel" --- turning a piece of paper into a mobile visual device
[5] "Perceptual PowerPoint (P3)"

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